Adding Character and Color with a Garden Bed

Bed remodel

We recently installed a garden bed for a client who was looking to add some character and color to their outdoor space as well as break up their large, open lawn. We decided to add a unique group of trees, grasses and shrubs to the area. We chose smaller plants to incorporate now because the […]

Turning a Storm-Damaged Property into an Outdoor Oasis

Landscape Remodel

This past winter, the storm Nemo hit Rhode Island pretty hard and with it destroyed many properties. The storm created severe damage in one of our client’s back yards. The contractor who had built their house had piled all of the excess boulders they had excavated into one piece of their property. When winter storm […]

Phase Two Completed: A Natural Raised Patio

After two months of planning, designing, and a week of constructing, we finally completed phase two of our South Kingstown raised patio. For the 360 square feet we decided to use New England flagstone for a natural look with natural boulders. The stones were originally from an old stone wall in Connecticut and there were […]