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How Often Should You Mow?

Lawn Mowing RI

The short answer: often. By often, we mean once per week, depending on the condition of the lawn. If your lawn is healthy and green, mowing once per week will help keep it that way. If you’re seeing some yellow patches, leave these areas alone for a week or two and mow around them until […]

The Importance of Lawn Dethatching

  What is thatch? Essentially, it’s pieces of dead grass that gather and sit just above the soil. A little bit of thatch is beneficial, but if too much accumulates in your yard, it can’t be naturally broken down. This prevents moisture and air from getting to the roots of your grass, which eventually leads […]

Why Mulch Is Beneficial To Any Landscape

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Mulch not only adds a finishing touch to your gardening beds and is aesthetically pleasing, but also benefits your landscape in a big way. Although it’s not a mandatory addition to your garden beds, the benefits of a properly mulched garden are definitely worth the effort and cost. Mulch helps to slow down weed germination […]

More Information on our Organic Program for 2024

Lawn Renovation

As we try and streamline our business for ourselves and for our customers, we are moving forward to our goal of sustainability and commitment to a low maintenance, environmentally friendly landscape. After years of planning, education and preparation, we are ready to move towards phasing out synthetic fertilizers and pesticides from our programs. Although this […]

We’re Going Sustainable!

We're going organic

At A Cut Above Lawn Care, it has always been our goal to provide sustainable, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly landscapes to our customers. As part of this goal, starting in 2015, we have made the decision to completely phase out synthetic fertilizers and pesticides from all of our fertilizing programs. Our four current program […]