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4 Steps to Apply Mulch

apply mulch

So you have decided to use mulch in your landscape. Good for you! you’ve made a great decision. Below are four simple steps to apply mulch. Soon your plants and flowers are going to be so happy about the way they feel, and you’re going to notice a huge difference.

4 Steps to Apply Mulch

  • Remove the debris from the area. Clear the sticks, rocks, and twigs from where you are going to apply mulch.
  • Weed that area. This is going to prevent the weeds from getting embedded within the mulch while they’re growing.
  • Spread the Mulch. Apply a layer of 1-4 inches over the desired mulching area. You shouldn’t apply a layer of over 4”. When you have too much, it can damage the soil and plants.
  • Water your area if you are using organic mulch. Give that area 1” worth of water so that the mulch’s set in place.

There you have it – how to apply mulch in 4 steps! Mulching your area is that easy. Want to have someone bring the mulch to you? We offer mulch delivery. Contact us here to get a quote. You can also connect with us on Facebook.

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