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Adding Character and Color with a Garden Bed

Bed remodel

We recently installed a garden bed for a client who was looking to add some character and color to their outdoor space as well as break up their large, open lawn.

We decided to add a unique group of trees, grasses and shrubs to the area. We chose smaller plants to incorporate now because the younger (and not root-bound) the plant is when it is put into your garden, the larger and healthier it will grow and acclimate to your property.

Before and After

We planted a Japanese Maple Tree for drama and height, two Maiden Grasses for texture and multi-seasonal interest, a Boxwood shrub for greenery and fullness, and an Euonymous Tree for its evergreen, bi-color foliage. We then covered the bed with Black Cedar Mulch to give it a finished, manicured look.

We’ve included a Before/After shot from this season and we’ll be sure to add another next year once everything has started to take off!

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