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5 Crops That Should be  Planted in November

planted in november
Many things can be planted in november

It’s possible you think that you are done planting. But the truth is that there are things that can be planted in November. Below are some things that can be planted in November.

Kale Should Be Planted in November

Kale doesn’t mind cold weather. That means that you’ll have plenty of time to harvest it since it’s going to mature in just 50 days. There are also some varieties that overwinter and are ready in springtime.

Pansies Should be Planted in November

If you live in a milder climate, these pretty flowers will bloom during the winter. Plant them and make sure that you are using mulch. You also want to make sure they stay watered so that they are established. Things to Plant in November 2 – Pansies

Ornamental Cabbage Should be Planted in November

Just like cabbage that is eaten in your favorite recipes, this type of cabbage loves cold weather. Even when there’s a light freeze, it’s not going to be bothered. These ornamentals can be planted along with other flowers and herbs that like cold weather to create a beautiful display.

Daffodils Should be Planted in November

These gorgeous flowers are one of the first things that you see in spring. They can be planted as long as your ground hasn’t frozen over. As long as the ground can still be dug in, you can plant them.

Mustard Greens Should be Planted in November

These greens come with a nice kick, and they can be eaten raw, or you can stir fry them. Some varieties are tough, and they can survive frost as long as it’s not too bad. Their leaves can be ready in a quick 30 days, based on what variety you plant.

If you are looking for some of the things that can be planted in November, you can start with these five crops. Interested in our services? Contact us here or on Facebook.

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