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3 Leaf Raking Tips

Leaf Raking Tips

One thing that you know about fall is that all of the leaves are falling. That is why we have created four leak raking tips that can help you with saving time and doing it easily.

Leaf Raking Tips 1 – Wait Til All the Leaves Fall

You aren’t able to rush nature. So, you want to wait until the leaves have all fallen. This is going to save you a lot of time before you are tackling the raking job.

Leaf Raking Tips 2 – Choose the Right Rake

Rakes that have narrow spreads are going to gather fewer amounts of leaves. They are also going to make the job last longer. So choose a rake that has a wider spread of tines. A good width is 30”. Also, look for one that’s no-clog. Their tines are angled and they’re not going to pierce leaves so blockages are created.

Leaf Raking Tips 3 – Use the Wind

Autumn days often are breezy. So use that to your advantage and rake with the wind. Those guests are going to help with moving those dry leaves. If you don’t use this tip and rake against it, each stroke of your rake is going to lift some of the leaves, and then they can get blown backward.

The one exception to this tip is when you have a really strong wind. When this occurs, you should avoid raking. When you finish raking, chances are that the leaves from your neighbor’s trees will be in the yard.

Leaf Raking Tips 4 – Use Tarps

It can take a lot of time to bag up huge leaf piles. You can make it a lot easier on yourself by raking your leaves onto tarps. Then you can tie up the tarp’s ends together and transport that whole bag to where the leaves are being collected. You also can roll up your tarp to form a cylinder. Then use it like a funnel for filling individual bags.

These are four leaf raking tips that you can use to make the chore a lot easier on you and your family. But if you are interested, we offer fall cleanup services. Contact us to find out more. We’re also on Facebook.

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