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3 Common Composting Problems

composting problems

A lot of people don’t compost because they have heard of composting problems that people have had and they don’t want to deal with them. so here are some composting problems and solutions that you can use to put your mind at ease.

Composting Problems 1 – Smell

If the idea of smell is keeping you from having a composting bin inside, you shouldn’t worry. It can be controlled much more simply than you believe. If your bin is starting to smell, add some newspaper or dry leaves to the pile. This is going to balance out the content ratio of wet to dry and control acidic odors.

Composting Problems 2 – Pests & Rodents

The best way that you can keep pests and rodents from the bin is to choose the right compost container. Choosing a bin with a solid side and a lid is going to help with keeping the unwanted critters from getting into the bin. You also want to avoid dairy, fats, and meat in the bin.

Composting Problems 3 – Slow Decomposition:

This can be fixed by stirring the pile using a shovel or hand trowel once per week at a minimum. This is going to aerate the oxygen into your mixture. You also want to keep small items like banana peels that are cut up in your pile also is going to help with speeding the process up.

These are three common composting problems that people think about when it comes to composting. If you follow the solutions that are listed here, you are going to find that the problems are no longer an issue.

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