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Things To Consider When Winterizing Your Lawnmower

Americans buy millions of new lawnmowers every year. With a functional lawnmower, you can keep your yard looking great. During the spring and summer months, your mower will be used on a weekly basis. However, when cold weather moves in, you will have to get your mower ready for a long period of dormancy. 

If you want to keep your mower in good working order, you will have to properly prepare it for winter. Ignoring the need for this prep work can lead to your mower ceasing to fire up when it is time to mow your lawn next spring. Here are some things you should consider when winterizing your lawnmower. 

Start By Emptying Your Gas Tank

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as the owner of a lawnmower is leaving gas in the tank over the winter months. This gas will lose its potency over the winter, which can result in damage to other fuel-related components. If you can’t get all of the gas out of the tank, then you need to invest in some fuel stabilizer to help reduce the problems caused by old gas. 

Before you store your mower for winter, you also need to check oil levels. Without the right amount of oil, internal engine parts will be damaged due to a lack of lubrication. If the oil levels are low, then you have a leak you need to address. Taking your mower to professionals is crucial when trying to diagnose and fix your oil leak. With their help, you can fix this problem before putting your mower up for the winter. 

Check and Remove Your Spark Plug

Firing your lawnmower up will be impossible without a functional spark plug. Before you store your lawnmower for winter, be sure to remove your spark plug and check it for damage. Over time, lots of carbon can start to build up on the electrode located in your spark plug. This carbon can prohibit the spark from being produced from this part. If you see that lots of black carbon are on the plug, replacing it is a good idea. 

You also need to inspect the spark plug wire and boot located on your lawnmower. The older this part gets, the higher the risk becomes of it getting damaged. By inspecting these vital ignition components, you can uncover problems early on and fix them before they cause damage. 

Inspect Your Blade

If you want to keep your lawn looking great, then you will need a lawnmower with a sharp blade. The duller this blade gets, the harder it will be to get an even cut. Inspecting your blade before you store your mower for winter is important. You may need to remove the blade and have it sharpened by professionals. If the blade is damaged, then completely replacing it is your best course of action. 

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