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How to Winterize Your Lawn and the Benefits

how to winterize your lawn

Today we’re talking about how to winterize your lawn and the benefits. Fall is an important time for critical lawn care tasks like fertilizing and adding lime. Applying both before winter helps your grass stay healthy when it’s cold and green-up quickly in the spring.

Sustainable Leaf Composting

burning leaves

[hcolumns] Ever wondered what happens to all those leaves we haul away? We at 855-RI-LAWNS are incredibly proud and happy to partner with Earth Care Farm to ensure that this organic material is used sustainably to produce compost. Earth Care Farm reroutes tons of leaves, wood chips, food scraps, and coffee grinds which would normally […]

Backyard Apple Growing

One of my favorite past times is going apple picking at one of the many Rhode Island orchards. I can remember being so shocked by the varieties grown here in Rhode Island. “What? There’s more than just McIntosh, Granny Smith, Fuji, Gala, and Honey Crisp?!” Our economy favors monocultures and of the thousands of varieties […]

More Information on our Organic Program for 2024

Lawn Renovation

As we try and streamline our business for ourselves and for our customers, we are moving forward to our goal of sustainability and commitment to a low maintenance, environmentally friendly landscape. After years of planning, education and preparation, we are ready to move towards phasing out synthetic fertilizers and pesticides from our programs. Although this […]