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The client here had recently installed a deck and were now looking to install a patio. After a consultation, we had come to an agreement that a 14.5×16 foot patio would do the trick. After the client decided on a paver type and pattern, we went to work.

First we had to excavate the area in order to install an 8 inch base, 1 inch of sand, and pavers, to make sure that the finish was at ground level. The base was compacted every 2 inches to ensure it was solid and the patio would not sink over time. We also ensured to excavate so the patio would slope away from the house to ensure proper drainage.

This is us in the process of screeding exactly 1 inch of mason’s sand over the base to lay the pavers into. The customer decided on the Unilock Camelot Pavers pattern D. Slowly but surely, coming along. Cuts were made against the foundation and stairs for a tight fit.

Narragansett Patio

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