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Common Lawnmower Problems

Common Lawnmower Problems

Spring will be here before you know it. Get ready for problems with your lawnmower. There’s nothing worse than getting in your dirty jeans, dragging the mower out of the shed, and finding it won’t start or isn’t working correctly. Here are some common lawnmower problems.

Common Lawnmower Problems

It Won’t Start

Is there gas in the tank? I’m sure you put gas in the tank, so where did it go? A leaky gas tank will need to be replaced. If your mower runs on battery, then this too may need to be replaced. If neither of these fixes are working, try cleaning the air filter and spark plugs. 

Starter Rope

Are you losing your strength, or is this rope getting more difficult to pull? It certainly could be. If the flywheel brake is pushing against the handle, the rope can be difficult or impossible to pull. It could also be the lawnmower blade dragging on the ground or lodged with clippings. If neither of these issues seem to the culprit, you may have to research the manual to see what part is not functioning correctly. 

Loses Power

You’re pushing along, and you hear something. A sputter? A splitting? That sound is most likely to be followed by a stop. You’ve probably got a dirty filter. Try cleaning or replacing it altogether. If that doesn’t work, you may need to clean the blade. A worn-out spark plug could also be causing your difficulties. 


Smoke coming from your mower isn’t good, but there’s probably no need to take cover. Your lawnmower likely isn’t going to explode. It’s actually a common problem, usually caused by an issue with the oil chamber. It may be too full, or there may be a leak. 

Loses speed

Check your mower manual to learn the location of the motor casing. The drive belt may be damaged or dislocated. If it is simply misplaced, then it can be reattached. If it is damaged, then it is time to replace it. 

Too much vibration

There are so many factors that can contribute to a bumpy ride while you’re mowing. It could be an inappropriately adjusted cutting deck, inadequately tightened mounting bolts, or a worn out drive belt. Your blades could have encountered one too many roots or rocks and be damaged or bent. Check these parts and see if they need to be replaced.

Hopefully, you won’t encounter any of these problems when you decide to mow your lawn. If you do, 855-RILAWNS is here to help. We rely heavily on our landscaping equipment and therefore know how to keep lawnmowers in excellent condition. Contact us for all your lawn care needs, including repairing that pesky mower.

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