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855-RILAWNS offers a Compost Topdressing RI program! https://rilawncare.com/ri-organic-fertilizing/ There are so many reasons why you should consider this application for your lawn.

Benefits of Compost on your Lawn

1. Provides a natural and sustainable source of soil fertility, diminishing or eliminating a soil’s requirements for artificial fertilizers.
2. Increases the biological and chemical soil composition because it carries many beneficial microorganisms not found in chemical fertilizers.  Increases earthworm populations and overall amount of life wherever put down.
3.Helps the lawn withstand extremes of weather by increasing the organic matter, drainage and aeration of soil.
4.Increases the lawn’s ability to intake and hold water, minimizing the need for watering.
5.Will not burn the lawn or cause excessive superficial, lush growth.
6. Increases soil organic matter content that results in higher cation exchange capacity. This makes soil nutrients more available to plants and reduces leaching loss.
7.Creates a healthier lawn that is less susceptible to fungus and insect problems.
8Has a pleasant, earth-like smell
9.Does not acidify soil like many chemical fertilizers, minimizing the use of limestone needed on your property. Compost has a very close to neutral pH.
10.Gives you personal satisfaction knowing that you are doing what is right for the environment and working in harmony with nature.

The fact of the matter is, manicured lawns continually are removing nutrients from the lawn. Chemical lawn applicators solve this problem by constantly feeding the lawn chemicals it needs to thrive. This has created an ecosystem that becomes dependent on these chemicals so as soon as they stop, the lawn struggles. Our Compost Topdressing RI program is one of the best things for your lawn and the environment!

In the coming weeks we will be topdressing properties with a 1/8″ layer of compost. Now through July 24th we are offering $99 off this service for the first 25 accepted estimates! https://rilawncare.com/contact/

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