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First 4 lawn mowing visits for only $34.99 each!


A happy crew at 855rilawns

Now through July 22nd, for the first 25 customers, we are offering a RI mow special of $34.99 for your first four lawn mowing visits for lawns up to 5000 square feet. If your lawn is bigger, no worries, we have a special rate for you in house as well! 

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Why would you hire someone to mow your lawn for you? We have a professional staff along with the absolute state of the art machines to make the job quick! Why spend your precious time off worrying about your grass? Let the crews from 855-RILAWNS take care of it for you. With our RI mow special, now is the time to discover the joy of your own landscape service.

How often should you have your lawn mowed? That question has been debated by many but we believe the best answer is “weekly”. How tall should the grass be and how low should it be cut? If you don’t have the time (or the patience) to deal with a mower and the headaches that go along with it’s maintenance, let the crews of 855-RILAWNS be your own personal landscapers.

Our standard lawn maintenance package includes cutting the grass (bagging additional), trimming the edges, and blowing grass off the driveway and paved areas. We will leave your property looking its best throughout the season. 

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