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Hardscape Construction RI

Hardscape Construction RI Landscapes are as unique as the property owners. Listening to your ideas, getting a sense of your individual style and proposed function for your landscaping is the start of great Hardscape Construction RI.  Our process begins with meeting our consultant. 

Our People

They will begin by asking for your ideas and style. The visit will also involve taking into account grades, drainage, soil conditions, and purpose of the project.


Stone walkways are the most durable, longest lasting way to add a trail to your property. We will suggest the addition of walkways for either practical uses, such as creating a trail in a mud-prone area, relieve damage from grass or ground cover or for aesthetic purposes, such as to create a trail that leads to a certain destination on or off your property. A walkway can be as simple as a stepping stone setup or can be constructed from natural stones or pavers. Depending on your needs and your taste we will recommend the right fit that best suits your need.

Patio Construction

If you are looking for an outdoor living area, then a patio will suit you best. An outdoor kitchen is a great addition if you enjoy having guests and cooking for them. Patios can be raised or level. Link

A border can be added to accent the material or different materials can be incorporated together for a one of a kind unique look. Fire Pits can be added into the patio. Just like walkways different materials can be used from pavers to flagstone to bluestone.

Retaining Walls

If you have a slope you are looking to make more level we can provide consulting and construction services for a retaining wall.  Natural stone can be used or segmented paver walls. Weep holes will always be recommended every 6-8 inches for walls more than 5 courses high.


Driveways can be as diverse as you would like. From a simple crushed stone driveway to a paver driveway, we do it all. Borders can be added for accents or to stop migration of crushed materials. https://braenstone.com/driveway-crushed-stone/ One particular kind of driveway we have had multiple success with are seashell driveways. https://braenstone.com/driveway-crushed-stone/Aprons are a great addition for driveway entries. Whatever hardscaping project you have in mind, providing you with feedback on your ideas, advice on products and function, you’ll have the knowledge to make informed decisions in the landscape design process. Our purpose is to create something you can enjoy, suits the character of your property, is long lasting and is sustainable. We have experience repurposing granite, marble, bricks, slate and flagging so don’t hesitate to contact us to put that old pile of rock into good use. https://rilawncare.com/contact/ We enjoy hardscaping projects and take pride in our meticulous work. Above you’ll find a few of our favorite projects. Click through to learn more about each individual project.  

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