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Lawn Care Dilemma: The Advantages of Professional Lawn Services Over the Traditional “Lawn Guy”

advantages of professional lawn services
Hiring a "lawn guy" may seem like a good alternative to a lawn care company, but there are many advantages of professional lawn services.

When it comes to maintaining a vibrant, healthy lawn, choosing between hiring a professional lawn care service and relying on a local “lawn guy” can significantly impact the overall results. While a neighborhood lawn enthusiast may offer affordability, there are distinct benefits to opting for a professional. 

advantages of professional lawn services

A pro brings not only expertise but also a comprehensive approach that goes beyond basic grass-cutting. From specialized knowledge and background-checked employees, the advantages of professional lawn services extend far beyond the immediate visual appeal of your yard.

Expertise and Knowledge

Professionals possess in-depth knowledge of soil types, grass varieties, and regional climate conditions. They are trained to promptly identify and address common lawn diseases and pest infestations. Early detection and appropriate treatment can prevent widespread damage to your lawn. 

Their expertise allows them to provide targeted solutions for optimal lawn health.

Licensed and Insured

A contractor with a license has typically met specific state or local requirements, demonstrating a minimum level of professional competence. It often involves passing exams and fulfilling education or experience criteria. A licensed contractor usually has a reputation to uphold. If they fail to meet the standards set by licensing authorities, they risk losing their license, which can be a significant deterrent for unethical practices.

Insurance coverage can indicate that the contractor is financially responsible and serious about their business. It provides extra assurance regarding their professionalism and commitment. The contractor’s insurance can cover the costs if there are accidents, injuries, or property damage during the project. The homeowner may be liable for these expenses without insurance (i.e., a “lawn guy”).

Background Checked Employees

By hiring a contractor with background-checked employees, homeowners can reduce their liability. Knowing that the workers have been screened minimizes the risk of hiring individuals with a history of behavior that could threaten property or people. You can be sure the employees working on your property have no criminal activity or other red flags. 

Use of Specialized Equipment

Lawn care professionals have access to advanced and specialized equipment that may not be available to the average homeowner. This includes professional-grade mowers, aerators, and fertilization equipment, ensuring efficient and effective care.

Guaranteed Service

Another one of the advantages of professional lawn services is they operate on regular schedules, providing consistent and timely maintenance for your lawn. Suppose something happens to an employee, whether illness, injury, or personal business; the work will still get done if you hire a professional service. The company likely has other employees who can step in and get the job done, or they will hire replacements.

If you’re using a local lawn guy, there is no guarantee the work will get done. If he (or she) gets sick, there might not be anyone to pick up the slack.

Peace of Mind

Above all, hiring a professional lawn care service brings you peace of mind you won’t get over the neighborhood “lawn guy.” You can trust that experienced professionals take care of your lawn, address issues promptly, and keep it in good condition.

What Sets 855-RILAWNS Apart?

At 855-RILAWNS, we’re known for our exceptional customer service and quality work. You can expect:  

  • We’re on time every time. Your schedule is important to us, and we work hard to ensure we’re at your residence when scheduled.
  • Our mower blades are regularly sharpened to ensure clean, straight cuts. Dull blades tear the tops of the blades off, leaving jagged edges that make your grass susceptible to drought and disease problems. 
  • We always cut your grass at the healthy, recommended mowing height to discourage crabgrass growth, scalping, and burning of your lawn.
  • Along with a crisp, clean lawn cut, we’ll ensure we top the mowing off with precision edging to finish the manicured, polished look.
  • If you are signed up for one of our fertilizing programs, we will continuously keep our eyes open for and address lawn problems on each maintenance visit.

But most importantly, WE CARE! 855-RILAWNS is the best lawn mowing service in the state—we have the best crews anywhere, and every employee takes pride in their work.


Interested in the Advantages of Professional Lawn Services?

Now is the perfect time to get on our lawn-moving schedule for this season and reap the advantages of professional lawn services. You’ll free up time for the entire summer, allowing you to kick back and relax instead of sweating away mowing the lawn.

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