Our Minimalist landscaping package was designed around the needs of clients that simply don’t want to have to worry about their lawn. We will tidy up the lawn in the spring, cut the grass throughout the season, and remove leaves in the fall.

Our Minimalist Package includes:

  • Spring cleanup: We will visit your property once in the spring to remove leaves and small sticks that have fallen over the winter from your lawn and garden beds.
  • Weekly lawn maintenance: The lawn will be cut weekly mid-April through the first week in November at a height of 4″. During October, we will also bag and remove all fallen leaves from your lawn to keep it from getting smothered. One final lawn cutting will be performed with your fall cleanup in November or December which will be performed at 2.5″ to account for some slow winter growth. At each visit, we will string trim edges, vertical edge around paved surfaces, and blow everything off for a clear finish.
  • Fall cleanup: To prepare your property for the winter, we will make one visit from the first week in November through the middle of December to remove fallen leaves & small sticks from the lawn and planting bed areas to protect the lawn against snow mold & other winter fungal diseases. Herbaceous & non-woody perennials will be cut back to prepare them for the winter.
  • Free: Monthly property inspection to assess the overall health of your landscape.
  • Free: Annual in-person consultation.
  • Free: Comprehensive soil testing.

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