Our Lawn Renovation RI services include:

• Soil Testing & Analysis
• Overseeding
• New Top Soil Delivery & Installation
• Hydroseeding
• Conventional Seeding
• Sod Installation

With over sixteen years of experience working with all different types of lawns, we’re confident we can turn your lawn into the lush, green masterpiece you’ve always wanted with our Lawn Renovation RI services. http://rilawncare.com/aboutus/

Our renovation begins by making a free visit to your property to assess the damage. Our visit is hands on, and always involves the customer. Our trained professionals take into account, soil conditions, light conditions, drought conditions and other chronic causes of lawn damage. We also try and observe other acute problems that could have been triggered or worsened by the chronic causes. At the minor cost of a lab fee, we can also take a soil sample and provide you with the results and necessary requirements.

Did you know that this is the best time of year to improve your lawn? Cool air temperatures and warm soil temperatures found only in the late summer and early fall provide ideal conditions for improving lawn density. 

Aeration and slice seeding is in our opinion, the single most effective treatment you can give your lawn. The aeration process helps loosen the soil, while slice seeding helps fill in bare spots, and organically fight weeds. More information can be found here.

Now through October 8th we are offering $99 off our lawn renovation service for the first 25 accepted estimates. This service includes using specialized equipment to slice seed your lawn with a custom seed blend for your property. To ensure the highest rates of germination we will also core-aerate your lawn, apply starter fertilizer, and limestone https://www.pennington.com/all-products/fertilizer/resources/does-your-lawn-need-lime to make sure you have an optimal growing environment for the new grass.

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What our customers have to say…

  • review rating 5  Justin's expertise in running a landscaping business is exceptional! He is helpful, logical, attentive and very prompt in his replies. His professional consultation has helped us immensely. We are extremely pleased to have crossed paths.

    thumb Cate Feck Deehan

    review rating 5  Due to increasing allergy problems, yard work became a seriously unpleasant chore, taking hours and usually meaning at least a day or two with extra itching, sneezing, and watery eyes. We saw a little ad on a post at the bottom of our street, and decided to check them out. We are so glad we did. These folks are great! Everyone is local and friendly, and are truly happy to have our business. We even had some improvements done to the yard; with help from Chris, Jace, and Nathan, we were able to get beautiful, thriving plants and gorgeous stones/mulch.

    thumb Gina L-R

    review rating 5  855-RILawns was wonderful to work with. The team that showed up to remove all of our leaves, mow and clean out gutters was efficient and professional, they did an amazing and very thorough job, we were 100% satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend them to others. Loretta and Nathan were so easy to communicate with via email or phone, their prices are very affordable and fair and we definitely plan to use them for additional services in the future.

    thumb Chelcy Abbott

    review rating 5  Wow! So impressed! Called and had a quote in a few days and they were at or place mowing/trimming/edging everything we had let go the past 2 months in less than a week! Super affordable, very friendly and knowledge staff, tech savvy (easy to email, online portal for billing account, notification of when they will be mowing). Yard looks better than ever at an affordable price! So we can spend more time actually enjoying it and not dreading it 🙂 So glad we found them!!!

    thumb Camia Dimock